Our Brands

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with 14 showrooms across Europe, Asia and North America, House of Tai Ping covers every sphere of the residential and hospitality markets.  We have won international renown with our innovation and expertise steeped in a rich history, a celebrated archive, unparalleled design and service to the world's most discerning clientele.


Tai Ping

What began as an effort to preserve, soon also became a studio for innovation when Mr. Yeh invented the tufting pistol, a device so revolutionary that it remains a standard industry tool decades later. Today, Tai Ping carries on a legacy of virtuosity and excellence in craftsmanship, earned over decades of groundbreaking design and unsurpassed service. Our commitment to innovation continues, unabated, with ongoing development of state-of-the-art techniques and fibres. Whether hand-tufted or pass tufted, all our creations meet the highest standards and most complex demands of design, quality and services.


Edward Fields

Edward Fields is a legendary name in the history of the hand-tufted rug. In addition to such groundbreaking inventions as the area rug and notable collaborations with the biggest names in Mid-Century design, Fields elevated carpeting to a status he termed “art for the floor.” Today, Edward Fields Carpet Makers carries on the modernist legacy of our founder, with finely crafted bespoke creations that build on an archive of over eight decades of tailored vintage designs.


La Manufacture Cogolin

Since 1924, La Manufacture Cogolin has produced rugs of unrivaled elegance, each hand-knotted and woven by local craftswomen on 19th Century Jacquard looms in a small village near Saint-Tropez. Representing nearly a century of tradition and international renown, the Cogolin rug’s unrivaled elegance remains as recognisable as ever, decorating palaces, embassies, luxury residences and yachts around the world.